Sourdough Rye PREORDER (1 Loaf)

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This is the Sourdough Rye to rival all Rye!

  • When compared to wheat, rye is often considered more nutritious
  • Studies have shown Sourdough bread to be easier on digestion and is even a better option for people with gluten-sensitivity.
  • Perfect when paired with hearty meats and cheeses or on a sandwich like pastrami with swiss or a classic Reuben.

We absolutely love the old-world craftsmanship that goes into every loaf.  You can taste the difference between this Sourdough Rye and the loaves of bread from the local grocery store. 

Made with all-natural ingredients that are more beneficial for your balanced diet, we swear you can actually taste the love and passion kneaded into every loaf of this handcrafted product. 

Pre-order yours today for pickup the next Saturday!

FREE LOCAL PICK-UP and FREE LOCAL DELIVERY within Canon City, CO will be between 10 am-4 pm Saturdays.  Limited quantity.  Order now to reserve yours.