Original Beef Jerky

La Vaca Meat Co


Original Beef Jerky is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

We are pleased to present La Vaca Meat Co's Original Beef Jerky! 

La Vaca Meat Co's Original Beef Jerky is the ultimate anytime snack!  A masterfully well balanced flavor profile, and just the right amount of saltiness on the tongue is why we love this jerky so much we make sure to always have a bag handy!

Made from All-natural Solid Strips of Beef and flavored with natural sea salt, Seriously, you can't go wrong!  No artificial ingredients, and minimally processed so you know you are getting the freshest most delicious beef jerky in the Colorado market!

Gluten free, and probably the most flavorful meat product you'll try this year! 

Order today to have it delivered straight to your door, or visit La Vaca Meat Co at their location in downtown Littleton, CO!