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'Geo-gami' T-Rex pendant necklace

Lil Bits


The Colorado spirit embodies a sense of wonder in regards to the natural beauty around us.  In Colorado we also value that which is unique and inspired! 

With that in mind, we bring you the 'Geo-gami' T-Rex pendant necklace!

The'Geo-gami' line is inspired in part from the origami style of folding paper in Japan and the amazing symmetrical designs of the natural creatures around us here in Colorado. 

We hope you enjoy this beautiful yet simplistic line of Colorado themed jewelry from Lil' Bits!

At the Pickle Patch, all of our Lil Bit's gorgeous, handmade Colorado themed jewelry and accessories come in an adorably handy, home-style, burlap drawstring gift bag. 

Perfect and ready to be gifted to that special someone!