Habanero Dill

PickleBear, LLC


Habanero Dill is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Do you love spicy pickles?  We certainly do!  The hotter the better! 
With that spirit in mind, these are PickleBear's famous Habanero Dill pickles
These pickles have a heat that can't be beat!  Loaded with fresh Habanero peppers, garlic and dill, these pickles will leave a lasting burn! 
Not for the faint of heart!  Seriously, these pickles rate as a HOT on the PickleBear scale.  They will burn for 5-10 minutes on the tongue.  
All PickleBear Pickles are packaged in 32oz jars with 2 piece lids, and the home-style design you've all come to know and love!