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Brazil - Medium Roast 1LB

Redemption Road

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Brazil - Medium Roast 1LB - 1LB Whole Bean is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

  • Light-Medium Roast

  • Naturally Farmed

  • Traded Fairly

  • Shade Grown

  • Flavor Notes: Chocolate, toffee-nut, mild smooth


Our Brazil coffee has a chocolate toffee-nut flavor that will dazzle your senses.

Our Brazil coffee is sourced from a traditional coffee farm run by the Paiva family in the Minas Gerais region. The original family farm, built in 1840, pioneered much of the quality coffee production in Brazil. Homera Paiva, a nephew to the original coffee farmer has recently won the Cup of Excellence for planting outstanding coffee varieties and his innovative post-harvesting process.

The Paiva farms are dedicated to the planting of native trees and water preservation. When you purchase our Brazil coffee, you are supporting a family legacy of natural and responsible coffee farming.