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Fractal Bracelet

Fractal Fragments


You will love this light weight natural wood bangle! The fractal burns add a impressive feature to complete this statement piece. Follow the burns along the edges and inside of the bracelet. Each piece is hand made and guaranteed to be totally unique. A darker wood finish allows the burn to pop against the natural grain. Sealed to complete the look with a shiny finish. The bracelet is approximately 3 inches wide on the interior.

Naturally wood burned using the Lichtenberg method. 12000 V of electricity is shot into each ornament or magnet creating a unique piece of art each and every time.

The electricity moves through the piece in an unpredictable pattern so you can be sure your gift will be one of a kind! Each piece is guaranteed to be completely unique and handcrafted just for you.

Due to the nature of a handmade wooden art piece, each design will be different, and some rough cuts in the wood or natural blemishes may occur. This does not detract from the overall appeal of the piece and actually adds to the custom nature of handmade art pieces.