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K-4 Sunshine Mango Hot Sauce (5 oz.)



K-4™ was the fourth sauce to join the K-Sauce™ family, and Sunshine Mango is precisely what you'll get from this unique hot sauce.

To be sure, it has a kick; it's our second-hottest sauce, ranking 7 out of 10 on our K-Scale™.

But along with the heat, you get sweet — giving K-4 a unique array of culinary applications, including grilled fruit, spicy melon balls, and in Italian style dressing.

Habanero peppers give it the kick; mangos and honey the sweet, but it's one of the line-up you shouldn't miss!

This bottle contains 5 fl. oz. (approx. 150 ml). 

2013 Hot Pepper Award Winner: 1st Place Habanero Division
2018 Fiery Food Challenge Award Winner: 1st Place Fruit Based Hot Sauce
2018 5280 Magazine: Best Non-Traditional Hot Sauce in Colorado
2019 12th Annual Hot Pepper Awards: 2nd Place Fruit Based Hot Sauce