Spiced Carolina Reaper 24oz - SUPER HOT Pickle Spears

PickleBear, LLC


Carolina Reaper Spiced:  These pickles are about as hot as it gets!  No other pickles deliver the level of fresh flavor and unbridled spiciness that these Carolina Reaper Spiced pickles pack!   

Unlike the Dill variant of this recipe, this jar is robustly flavored with mustard seed, black peppercorn and celery seed.

*These are not for the casual spicy pickle fans.  In fact, given the opportunity, these pickles will kick you in the teeth every time!  Enjoy!! 

Warning:  These pickles are un-BEAR-ably HOT!  Like eyes watering, face-melting, might regret this decision HOT!  You have been warned...

All PickleBear pickles come packaged in a 24oz jar and 2 piece lid, with the home-style design you've come to know and love!

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