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Blossoms in Bloom - simple elegant flower stud earrings

Lil Bits


With colder weather fast approaching, many of us want to escape the looming winter and revisit that amazing time of year when the birds are chirping and the flowers have just started to bloom! 

Of course we are talking about Spring! 

What better time of the year in Colorado is there? 

If you are looking to take a minute to travel back to a time with out snow or just know someone who looks great in bright colors these earrings are sure to be a fast favorite! 

Super light and surprisingly durable these earring sets will be in your collection for years to come!

At the Pickle Patch, all of our Lil' Bits gorgeous, handmade Colorado themed jewelry and accessories come in an adorably handy, home-style burlap drawstring gift bag. 

Perfect and ready to be gifted to that special someone!

Make sure to grab yours today, this item is available in very limited quantity!