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Bjorn's Propolis Colorado Honey 10.5oz

Bjorn's Colorado Honey


Björn's Propolis Honey is meant for those who are looking for honey for the health benefits and to combat colds or allergies.

Propolis is known for its remarkable abilities to assist in the fight against viruses, bacteria, microbes, and fungus. It's also a powerful anti-histamine making it the ideal honey to eat for anyone suffering from seasonal allergies. Local honey also contains local pollen that when eaten in small amounts can help prepare the body for allergy season. 

By blending Colorado honey with high-quality propolis extract they boost this honey's health benefits. Propolis, an age-old remedy made by the bees from tree and plant resins, is known to bolster the immune system and contains antifungal and antibacterial properties. 

Propolis Honey is can be eaten as an immune booster, generally one teaspoon a day will do it!

It can be used in culinary applications but it should not be heated as this can degrade the benefits of propolis.