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Organic Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Detoxifier - Coconut Shell Charcoal

The Pickle Patch Store

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  • Our Activated Organic Charcoal is a natural teeth whitener that gradually removes stains from drinks such as wines, chocolates, coffee, etc, to bring out brighter and whiter teeth. Take note that this product is not a bleaching agent containing chemicals.
  • Coconut shell charcoal teeth whitener is a natural ingredient that is gum-friendly and gentle on enamel and promotes healthy teeth.
  • Organic teeth whitening and detoxifier come in 30-gram jars used in place of regular toothpaste with 100% natural teeth whitening. It removes harmful substances (bacteria and fungi) from teeth and gum and freshens breath.
  • Open lid gently to avoid stains and pour a small quantity of the natural activated charcoal powder on your palms and use a moist brush to collect it. You do not need to brush vigorously, just brush gently for few minutes every day, and you are done. Thoroughly wash your teeth with water to remove any remaining powder from your teeth.
  • Made from naturally refined powdered charcoal. Since this product is made from charcoal a black substance, it can stain. Be cautious whenever you open a container. In case of any tooth sensitivity when used, discontinue its usage immediately and contact a dentist for proper direction.