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All Pepper Dill 24oz - Medium/Hot Bloody Mary Pickle Spears

PickleBear, LLC


This is PickleBear's best selling recipe by far! 

Medium spicy with a robust flavor of black peppercorn and celery seed.  All natural and delicious!  

There is nothing worse than a bland Bloody Mary!  PickleBear were so tired of the same old Bloody Mary pickles!   So they decided to fix the problem by making their own!

It took several months to design this recipe, and we honestly believe PickleBear has created the quintessential Bloody Mary pickle! 

Pop one of these spears into a glass of tomato juice or your favorite Bloody Mary mix, and enjoy the best spicy Bloody Mary you've ever tasted! 

Made with four different varieties of spicy peppers (Jalapeno, Caribe, Habanero, Fresno).  These PickleBear pickles certainly bite back!